Over the past few weeks there have been many rumors about the future of Bluebonnet Youth Ranch, from “it’s closing”, “it’s becoming a detention center”, “a drug rehabilitation center”, and other rumors. None of these are true, Bluebonnet Youth Ranch will continue with its original purpose of taking care of children. Over the last few years, the Federal and State rules have made operations more costly, burdensome, and a determent to small homes like Bluebonnet youth Ranch to operate efficiently. So over the last few months the Bluebonnet Youth Ranch Board of Directors has been doing research and planning on how Bluebonnet Youth Ranch can best serve children in a more efficient and economical way. These studies are ongoing and hope to be completed in the next 60 days, however, Bluebonnet Youth Ranch is not closing and its purpose will always be to take care of children. Bluebonnet Youth Ranch has taken care of over 600 children since 1972 when it took its first children in from Edna, TX. As soon as the studies and plans are complete an announcement will be made, but be assured Bluebonnet Youth Ranch is not closing.

Robin Cadle
President of the Board
Bluebonnet Youth Ranch