Bluebonnet Youth Ranch provides residential care for children, both male and female, ages 0–18. Prior to admission, a written psychological or psychiatric diagnostic evaluation completed within the past six months may be required. Placement is based on the needs of the child and Bluebonnet’s ability to meet those specific needs.

Considerations for Placement:

  • Ages 0 – 14 (may remain at BYR through high school graduation)
  • Sibling groups accepted.
  • Moderate behavioral problems accepted – no specialized care.

Considered inappropriate for placement at Bluebonnet Youth Ranch:

  • IQ level below 58 – A functioning IQ level between 58 and 70 will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Drug and/or alcohol dependency
  • Danger to self or others
  • Children in need of residential treatment

Individuals seeking admission of a child into Bluebonnet Youth Ranch should contact the BYR caseworker. Appropriate application material must be completed and submitted for consideration. Caseworker will arrange a meeting with members of the intake committee to interview the child, the managing conservator, and any other significant persons. The intake committee, which consists of 5 board members, along with the clinical therapist, will determine whether the child is appropriate for placement. Referral to other resources will be given, if possible, when the child’s needs cannot be met at BYR.

Bluebonnet Youth Ranch will accept emergency placements without psychological evaluations, provided the child appears to meet the above criteria for appropriate placement at BYR. The intake committee will be contacted in the event of an emergency placement.

Once a child is admitted, we will develop a diagnostic assessment within 30 days of placement.

Room Assignments: We attempt to place siblings in the same cottage, often allowing sisters or brothers to share a room. Number of beds available in each cottage, children’s age, and behavioral issues are considered when room assignments are made.

BYR accepts children of either gender. The cottages are set up for boys and girls in the same cottage: however, each gender has a separate wing on opposite ends of the cottage. Hallway entrances are monitored by alarms, and bedroom windows also have alarms. During waking hours, children are supervised at all times, to prevent inappropriate behavior between boys and girls.

Bluebonnet Youth Ranch

Bluebonnet Youth Ranch

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Bluebonnet Youth Ranch
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